To DIY or not to DIY

To DIY or not to DIY

As brands keep surprising us with new nail-design kits and the “Best tips for at-home manicure” filled the pages of glossy magazines, women who want  to stay current on the freshest trends try to get the “professional” manicure with their own efforts.

At first sight, why not to try?

Just like every over creative process painting your nails involves bright fantasy, special hand skills and is pretty satisfying. Besides that, today’s market offers a huge variety of gel polishes, decoration sets and even UV-lamps for home usage. Though even if you love experimenting with colors and tiny sparkles there is a no-go zone in this process.

Never try to remove gel polish yourself. Even as different ways of gel manicure removing are described as more or less harmful, believe us – this worsen your nails condition.

Never try to peel the coverage off. By peeling off a gel manicure, you are not only removing the gel, but also the top layers of these delicate cells. Use your file only to work on the shape – machine manicure removal will definitely make your nails happier.

The second popular at-home method is soaking fingertips in bowls with acetone. Yikes! There is no way your skin neither your nails will like it. Dryness, cracking and breaking will be the problems you face after such a procedure even if your nails were healthy before. You will definitely spend more time on recovering than on heading out to salon when you feel like getting rid of your current gel mani.

And just to add:  your regular nail polish remover wasn’t produced for this purpose. Only professional gel polish removers do it harmlessly.

Keep your nails safe and beautiful!