Shiny is the new matt

Shiny is the new matt

Sometimes fashion is pretty ironic: what’s super stylish today will be out of list tomorrow. Or, let’s say, an absolutely forgotten trend from past decades would unexpectedly come back with a bang. Remember those choker necklaces?

Furthermore, sometimes fashion products completely change their initial mission. Face powder boomed in French market in the 20th century (let’s not count Cleopatra’s crushed chalk) as a cure for minimizing shininess. We say “powder pink” when we mean a soft matt colour. For years it was obvious to every fashionista that “powder” is antonymically opposite to “glossy” (and that your probably apply it on your face).

The one of the main demands of 21st century is reconsidering habitual patterns. So a new type of powder flashed in the beauty community. Metallic or chrome, shiny like pearls, futuristic holographic nails look so shimmery that seem to reflect sun rays. We apply them over the basic coat to get smooth-like-a-mirror or sandy textured coverage. Highly pigmented nail powders make habitual looks more polished and, of course, help to dtand out. Keeping to our paradigm we prefer more gentle and sophisticated style to aggressive metal razors on the fingertips.

Hope to inspire you with some pictures related.

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