How to choose perfect gifts

How to choose perfect gifts

Remember yourself rushing through shopping mall and struggling to buy some presents for your close ones with no clear strategy in your mind?

You do not want to get yourself into that position ever again! Choosing the right gift can be one of the most challenging things to do, especially if you are not sure whether this gift will be useful or not. If you want to buy the right present, surprise your loved ones with a TENTEN gift card.

Your may choose 1 out of 7:

TENTEN is our signature  offer – two nail stylists work on manicure and pedicure at the same time. Very relaxing procedure make you feel special as you get truly royal treatment. If  you  want the nail coverage to last longer – choose TENTEN Gel Polish complex, so your loved one will enjoy mani & pedi with gel polish coverage.

If you think that the person you care about would prefer only fingers or only toes be done, your options are TEN manicure ( or TEN Gel Polish manicure) and TEN pedicure (or TEN Gel Polish pedicure, which lasts longer). Whatever card you choose, we will treat our guests with moisturizing oils and nourishing creams, relax them with hand/foot massage and work on their nails and cuticles.

And last but not least – invite your precious to special treatment -  the TENTEN SPA. Order an anti-aging treatment by Kinetics (relaxing foot or hand bath, luminous peeling, mask filler + cream massage) or “Quench & Soften” spa-program (relaxing foot or hand bath, cleansing scrub, moisturizing herbal or citrus oil + cream massage).

Visit the Gift Cards section for more information. Let your loved ones feel your care.