3 new takes on classic French manicure

3 new takes on classic French manicure

The ultimate classic nail design - French manicure is as appropriate at business meeting as at your wedding. If you want a chic and polished look, nothing beats a classic French. But classic doesn’t have to mean boring! Here are 3 Vogue-promoted hot variations of traditional look:

  • Traditional pattern with unusual colors

Try to play around with not-that-obvious color decisions – think beyond white and nude. For example, try to combine green and yellow, silver and navy or black and grey. Or just replace the classical colours and fill the larger part with white leaving the tip of your nail red. Your habitual nail design may be bolder, brighter and way more fun than usual.

  • Reverse French

Unlike traditional version in this case the thinner stripe takes place near the cuticle. Then again – you may choose any colors which complement each other. Or maybe you don’t feel like wearing the full coverage – just get the crescent shape painted and the rest part of your nail coated with transparent top layer.

  • Half-moon French

This style reminds a lot the “reverse French” space, but in this scenario you are suggested to leave the lunule unpainted. The perfectly rounded arch goes well with both dark and light colors. Things might be spiced up with some glitter or dots of contrast colors.